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Monday, February 17, 2014

Civil War: Events of March 1864

The force of 500 Union cavalry dispatched by Judson Kilpatrick to the west side of Richmond was turned back, and then trapped by the Lee boys, Custis on March 1st, and Fitzhugh on the 2nd.

The U.S. Senate confirmed the appointment of Ulysses S. Grant to the rank of Lieutenant General on March 2nd.

On the 4th, Republican Michael Hahn is inaugurated governor of Louisiana.  On that same day, the CSA officially adopted the “Stars and Bars” as its official flag.

On March 9th, Grant was officially promoted to three-star general and placed in command of all active U.S. forces.  He can now pursue the war without interference from General Halleck in Washington, the first U.S. commander to be so empowered.  Three days later, General Halleck, his position and authority now irrelevant, is relieved of duty at his own request

The last vestige of Halleck’s plans, the Red River Campaign in Louisiana, was launched by Nathaniel Banks on March 12th.

On the 14th, Banks captured Fort De Russy. By moving troops up the Red River, Banks arrived at Alexandria, LA.

On the 16th, Nathan Bedford Forrest began a raid on Union positions in West Tennessee and Kentucky.

On the 17th, William T. Sherman met with Grant and is given command of the Division of the Mississippi, including the Department of the Ohio, Tennessee, Cumberland, and Arkansas.

On March 21st, President Lincoln signs the legislation making states out of Colorado and Nevada, even though they don’t meet the population requirements.

Nathan Bedford Forrest seizes Union City, TN on March 24th.

Union Major General James McPherson succeeds to Sherman’s old command, the Army of the Tennessee.
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