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Monday, February 11, 2013

Civil War: Events of March 1863

On March 3, Naval assaults on Ft. McAllister resumed.  Also, the Conscription Act was signed by President Lincoln.  Although it requires draft quotas by state, wealthy citizens are allowed to buy themselves out for $300.

A Federal force moving south from Franklin, TN on March 5th was decisively defeated by Confederate forces under Van Dorn and Nathan Bedford Forrest.  The Confederates received unexpected help when 17-year old Alice Thompson, after seeing the 3rd Arkansas lose their Colonel, picked up the flag and led the regiment to victory.  She was cheered by the Union soldiers.

Confederate Raider John Mosby attacked and embarrassed Union troops at Fairfax Courthouse, VA, capturing Union General Stoughton.

President Lincoln on March 10, issued an order of amnesty for men AWOL from the Union Army.  They will have until April 1 to report or will be considered deserters.

Union ground and naval forces attack a hastily-built Fort Pemberton, MS on the Yazoo River hoping to punch through to Vicksburg.  The fort held.

On March 13, a friction primer at the Confederate Ordinance Laboratory near Richmond exploded, touching off the entire facility, killing 69 people.  62 of them were women and young girls.

On March 14, Union Admiral Farragut tried to push a naval force past Port Hudson, Louisiana.  His flagship, USS Hartford and USS Albatross got through, but three other vessels were seriously damaged.

On the 16th, Grant ended his attempts to push through Yazoo Pass in Mississippi, but ordered Sherman to attempt an assault on Steele’s Bayou again.

The next day, six members of Andrews Raiders were exchanged for Confederate soldiers.

Also on the 17th, Federal cavalry crossed Kelly’s Ford over the Rappahannock River, but were driven back by a strong Confederate force.

March 19th saw the Union ships Albatross and Hartford pass the Confederate garrison at Vicksburg, MS for the first time.

On March 22, a detachment of Confederate cavalry captured the federal outpost at Mount Sterling, KY.

Sherman’s force, attempting to find an unguarded water route into Vicksburg, was prevented from doing so at Black Bayou, MS.

March 26th saw West Virginia voters overwhelmingly approve the new state constitution.

On March 30, Confederate President Jefferson Davis called for a day of fasting and prayer.
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